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HCA Healthcare UK, the largest private operator of health care facilities in the world, approached us to produce a series of videos explaining, in detail, how a pioneering cancer therapy works, to the public, healthcare professionals, insurers and other clinical and business stakeholders.

To accompany the video, we also produced the print graphics for a ‘video in a leaflet’ as well as a suite of marketing material to be used for digital and print.

CAR T-Cell therapy is the latest breakthrough in immunotherapy treatment and can be used to treat some blood cancers that have not responded to conventional chemotherapy.

CAR T-Cell therapy, often referred to as the ‘fifth pillar of cancer treatment’ is a unique treatment which uses a patient's own T-cells to seek and destroy cancer cells, without the use of drugs.

This is a ‘first of a kind’ therapy and is a big moment for the treatment of cancer. CAR T-Cell therapy has the potential to revolutionise the approach to cancer treatment moving forward.

HCA Healthcare UK will be one of the first private providers in the UK to offer CAR T-Cell therapy.