Fruits for Drinks

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Create a brand identity for an entirely new to market drinks’ solution, grow its social and business presence and build it to a strong consumer and B2B brand.

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Fruits for Drinks
Fruits for Drinks freeze-dry fruit so consumers can enjoy the perfect drink all the time, whether at home or at a restaurant, bar or even on a plane!

The brief was to create the brand identity from packaging, tone and go to market content strategy, as well as execute on two fronts, from a consumer and retail perspective and from a business solution view.

The team understood that this was a dual approach strategy – highlight the fun, the little bit of luxe at home – enjoy the perfect drink at home each and every time without having to go and buy lots of fresh fruit just to make one or two drinks. And from a business perspective, reduce the waste and have a time-efficient and more sustainable product to use in pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, planes – anywhere in hospitality and leisure!

Defining the tone – fun, bursting with flavour, fast and not wasteful was important. Hence the packaging and the tagline: “Maximum taste, minimum waste” and the stylish and fun tone of the packaging too.

Creating drinks and shooting them in our own studio was essential for the consumer and retail play and building the social community on the most important networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. From the business solution perspective, the go-to network to market a brand is LinkedIn and the expert team built a community of more than 10,000 connections, created still and video content as well as blogs and engineered important relationships through the platform. The brand was able to quickly develop working relationships with world class airlines, major grocers and global online retailers.