About Project

Corporate design fulfilment for the UK’s largest chip designer from microsites to publications and keynote video presentations.

Live Project
BOXFX has a history of technological understanding and competency. ARM turned to us because we understood the intricacies of its technology. This understanding, combined with a strong team of creative talent, was key to delivering effective communications during their global rebrand.

In 2016, we were appointed as ARM’s local creative agency. We were deeply embedded and worked with key stakeholders to deliver a variety of creative communications for ARM. We merged our systems with ARM’s own project-management platforms to provide total  visibility and collaboration. Various regions and departments were in contact with our team as we worked to deliver more than 1,000 pieces of creative communications from print design to motion graphics.

Our team of software architects are experienced in not only running some of Europe’s leading technology news websites but also creating accessible mobile experiences. ARM commissioned us to design and build its ‘50 Billion Chips’ microsite that educated and celebrated an important milestone in ARM’s journey.

We worked on several keynote video experiences for ARMs various conventions around the world to showcase and explain new technology and opportunities for the company.