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Educational and explainer content drives reassurance and bolsters credibility. We identify the key partners and strategize the right campaign targeting them and delivering the relevant message.
Video is the most-effective communication for this specialist and often complicated sector.
Clinicians and professionals need instruction and critical information. Patients and their loved ones need guidance and advice. Jargon can be scary. Video delivers the essential information quickly, concisely and can be reviewed and shared. Video allows you to own and control your messaging – therefore increasing credibility and authenticity, and significantly improving the understanding and the confidence from the stakeholders.

Video is the critical component of any digital campaign from websites or landing pages, to apps, advertisements and social media too -  and we deliver trusted content for world-renowned healthcare providers such as HCA.

Let us help you a straightforward yet energetic way the most complex of new treatments and services, give guidance, information and advice in a reassuring and trusted way. Make video the pivot of your campaign.
CAR T-Cell
Pioneering cancer treatment explained.
CAR T-cell therapy, a novel type of immunotherapy, is designed to strengthen and harness the immune system's inherent cancer-eliminating powers and remove its disguise.

HCA were launching this new blood cancer therapy and need a straightforward way to explain this trailblazing technique.

Our mission was to create, through motion graphics, a video which was instructive and informative for medical and insurance professionals around the world. The content also had to provide candidates for this therapy and their families with the salient points in an easy-to-understand way.

We created best-in-class content which is used throughout all global communications about this world-first treatment.
The London Reflux Clinic
Customer-facing content to understand treatment.
The London Reflux Clinic offers a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, providing patients with a long-lasting solution for your gastrointestinal reflux problems.

A new treatment is the innovative LINX® procedure, in which a small, flexible bracelet of interlinked magnetic beads is placed around the oesophagus strengthening the valve at the bottom of the oesophagus – creating a permanent barrier to the reflux of acid or bile.

The London Reflux Clinic required a video that would explain this treatment to their patients. We identified that one of the most important elements of building trust and confidence for the patients would involve featuring the Consultant. The presence of an authoritative and reassuring professional interspersed with the excellent 3D renders and motion graphics would add credibility and boost the confidence in the treatment and make the content campaign more effective still.
The Lister Hospital
An inspiring story following a hip replacement.
Hip replacements may be increasingly common procedures, but The Lister Hospital wanted to shine a spotlight on their technique which delivers a faster return to health.

We created content which featured a patient before and after surgery – explaining his condition, the path to surgery, his operation in theatre itself and his post-operative story.

The video also featured his surgeon – one of the country’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and his physiotherapist – and highlighted the many sides of the procedure and support patients receive throughout.

We created the content in a first-person narrative – making it personal and authentic would be encouraging, reassuring and inspiring. The addition of the health care specialists adds authority and credibility – which is key for consumer-facing content in this sector.
Myth-busting health podcast.
The Health: Fact vs Fiction Podcast hosted by Anna Richardson allowed HCA to connect to people in a lighter but still information-packed way. We established the filming of these podcasts and the graphics to accompany them. Not only was it one of the most downloaded Apple podcasts but we also produced numerous edits of the content enabling them to be used on social posts, digital campaigns and advertisements too.

Identifying that content, we produce can have myriad uses and deliver numerous outcomes and results is an area in which we excel.
VIDEO'S NO one trick pony
How can video help you?
Branded content
Branded video content advances your messaging. Creating authentic and entertaining videos will connect you quickly to your target audience.
Explainer videos
An explainer video will spell out what your company, product, service is. Simple, fast and effective – the video will cover for key areas: the problem, the solution, the features and benefits, and how the solution works. All this in a way your audience understands and in a consumable and shareable format.
Commercial Ads
Our video advertisements get people excited. We know how to create content which draws people in.
Company stories
Connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and humanizing your brand in a short video is not only a focused and interesting way to get people to know more about you, but it is also versatile. We crate videos which make your missions, aim and values as important to the audience as they are to you.
Tutorials and How-Tos
We can walk viewers through your product or service – simple, easy, clear and direct. A simple way to improve that customer experience and reduce complaints and issues. Solve the problem before it is a problem with this kind of video. Tutorial videos cut down the ambiguity for users working their way through your product or service, which means fewer calls or emails for your customer support team.
Let’s create content that is useful, informative and share worthy. Position you and your company as an expert or thought leader in your field.
A comprehensive approach.
We create video content, 3D renders and develop, manage and execute a complete, results-driven marketing strategy for your brand, product or service. Video on its own is great, but without the supporting messaging, text, graphic design and web development your campaign is not going to reach its potential. Create the sell-in and the sell-through with a full-scale campaign.

We identify markets, segments and audiences that are ready to engage with you. We then strategise campaigns that use both paid and organic traffic sources to deliver real results. We use video to help craft an effective funnel that drives customers at all stages to conversion-driven content. Once you've acquired new customers, we put video to work in after-sales support and creating social brand advocacy.
Unrivalled in-house services
Complete branding and messaging solutions that drive engagement.
Digital Design
Comprehensive, effective digital design for web, app and print.
Video & Motion
Engaging in-house, live-action, CGI and motion graphics production.
Marketing plans and execution that consistently deliver proven results.
Multi-platform development for engaging digital experiences.
Live Streaming
Complete streaming solutions for a wide variety of events and e-sports.
Want to shine a spotlight on your event, services and best practices? We will film it to being your audience closer to you. Our expertise in filming everything from conferences, esports, corporate training videos, retail activations all the way through to surgical procedures means we can handle any situation. Our team of videographers will guide and manage the production and advise you on lengths and formats which are best for each pillar and platform.

Let's make something amazing.

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