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We identify markets, segments and audiences that are ready to engage with you. We then strategise campaigns that use both paid and organic traffic sources to deliver real results.
Video is the most powerful pillar for talking to this fast-changing and fluid market.
Creating digital campaigns from websites or landing pages, dynamic video, POS or social media acceleration - it is what we do, and we do it for some of the biggest brands on the planet, among them Mattel.

It can educate in a straightforward yet energetic way the most complex of new treatments and services, deliver a demonstration with a difference, while exciting and building anticipation. Make video the beating heart of your campaign.
My GP App
A new GP app and service.
HCA, a multi-billion-dollar company, needed a promotional video quickly explaining the high-level benefits of its new private GP service with a focus on digital solutions to bookings and teleconsultation.

We worked closely with HCA’s brand team to produce a video style that complemented the wider visual identity for the product.The video needed to educate new audiences whilst be welcoming and conveying HCA’s industry-leading expertise.

The final video was used extensively throughout social media to promote the new service.
A brand new action camera.
OCLU identified us as the right content partner and the team immediately immersed themselves with the product and the team at OCLU to bring this action camera to life.

We were tasked with creating all the digital collateral and  assets which enabled them to bring the product to market. Working closely with their creative director ensured we were on tone and ontime. We created a series of stylish videos and promotional stills including composites and mini animations which they would use within their website, and at point of sale.

The product is a premium action camera and gave us an opportunity to show off what was really possible using the latest tools in our software armoury. Additionally, we worked with them on a range of accessories - which were not yet in production – which our expert team was able to model, ready for when they launched these additional SKUs to market. A world class product with world class assets allowing people to understand exactly the reasons the product is leaps and bounds better than the rest.
Corsair HS35
MOTION GRAPHICS / product rendering
Entering new markets.
We have a long history helping Corsair create world-class content to bring products to market with impressive product trailers and demos.

HS35 represents a side-step in Corsair’s offering as it expanded from the Pro / Enthusiast PC peripherals markets into a consumer market.

We helped Corsair put together a fun and vibrant video that engages users and signals a shift in audience and tone.
WD VelociRaptor
Hard-drives in the music industry.
WD wanted to demonstrate the benefits and usage of its new VelociRaptor line of HDDs within the music-production industry. We headed over to Angelic Studios to interview an end-user about their experience with the new drives and communicate with audiences on a more human level without focusing on speeds and feeds or features.

Angelic Studios represents the ideal case study because its state-of-the-art production facility streamlines and secures data on a daily basis helping global artists within the music industry achieve outstanding results.

The resulting video was used throughout social media to help promote the product and brand.
The world is going electric!
From an existing partner we were introduced to the team at Blaupunkt. They wanted content to educate people on a number of crucial features and benefits of their EV chargers. They wanted to explain to people the method – the how to -  of charging your EV vehicle and what options everyone had with their products.

One  challenge we overcame was the car. You need a car to charge if you want to people to be interested in an EV charger. Blaupunkt obviously don’t have their own car brand and usage rights would be nearly impossible to get. Additionally, the Blaupunkt charger is universal – not car-marque specific. The team created a neutral car, created a street and house – complete with a realistic driveway  - and delivered a series of videos which the client used to tell the world about their charging product, to be a thought leader and educate on their products. In a world where things can appear complicated we can make them simple!
Supporting global launches.
We've supported Acer through a wide range of product launches for tablet, laptop and phone ranges. We worked with multiple product departments liaising with stakeholders around the world to provide region-specific content that is product-focused, accurate and engaging.
We created product demonstrations that were used cross-platforms as a sales tool to educate customers and partners. All our content was produced in 3D allowing for photo-realistic, clean product depiction while giving the flexibility for product amends and model updates in the run-up to launches.
NVIDIA Shield Tablet
POS for NVIDIAs new tablet.
NVIDIA’s first gaming tablet required a strong, on-brand collection of assets We produced a range of video content to be used online and at POS on physical devices in Currys PC World across the UK.
VIDEO'S NO one trick pony
How can video help you?
Branded content
Branded video content advances your messaging. Creating authentic and entertaining videos will connect you quickly to your target audience.
Explainer videos
An explainer video will spell out what your company, product, service is. Simple, fast and effective – the video will cover for key areas: the problem, the solution, the features and benefits, and how the solution works. All this in a way your audience understands and in a consumable and shareable format.
Commercial Ads
Our video advertisements get people excited. We know how to create content which draws people in.
Company stories
Connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and humanizing your brand in a short video is not only a focused and interesting way to get people to know more about you, but it is also versatile. We crate videos which make your missions, aim and values as important to the audience as they are to you.
Tutorials and How-Tos
We can walk viewers through your product or service – simple, easy, clear and direct. A simple way to improve that customer experience and reduce complaints and issues. Solve the problem before it is a problem with this kind of video. Tutorial videos cut down the ambiguity for users working their way through your product or service, which means fewer calls or emails for your customer support team.
Let’s create content that is useful, informative and share worthy. Position you and your company as an expert or thought leader in your field.
A comprehensive approach.
We create video content, 3D renders and develop, manage and execute a complete, results-driven marketing strategy for your brand, product or service. Video on its own is great, but without the supporting messaging, text, graphic design and web development your campaign is not going to reach its potential. Create the sell-in and the sell-through with a full-scale campaign.

We identify markets, segments and audiences that are ready to engage with you. We then strategise campaigns that use both paid and organic traffic sources to deliver real results. We use video to help craft an effective funnel that drives customers at all stages to conversion-driven content. Once you've acquired new customers, we put video to work in after-sales support and creating social brand advocacy.
Unrivalled in-house services
Complete branding and messaging solutions that drive engagement.
Digital Design
Comprehensive, effective digital design for web, app and print.
Video & Motion
Engaging in-house, live-action, CGI and motion graphics production.
Marketing plans and execution that consistently deliver proven results.
Multi-platform development for engaging digital experiences.
Live Streaming
Complete streaming solutions for a wide variety of events and e-sports.
Want to shine a spotlight on your event, services and best practices? We will film it to being your audience closer to you. Our expertise in filming everything from conferences, esports, corporate training videos, retail activations all the way through to surgical procedures means we can handle any situation. Our team of videographers will guide and manage the production and advise you on lengths and formats which are best for each pillar and platform.

Let's make something amazing.

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