About Us


Makers of digital wonder.

BOXFX was established as part of a large media group in 2006. Since our inception, we have grown into our own custom-refurbished offices and studio with a growing team of dynamic creatives who have a desire to push boundaries and deliver thoughtfully designed digital experiences.
From health, technology, blue-chip, charity, entertainment, fashion and food industries (and that’s just some), we've successfully helped our clients connect with their audiences in interesting and memorable ways.

Within the company, we have continually committed to investment in technology. We use the latest industry-leading software on cutting-edge workstations and hardware that allow us to harness the full power of modern graphics and 3D design applications. Our totally in-house approach keeps quality high and helps us maintain a clean creative direction throughout your project.
  • Graphic and UI Design
  • Video Production & Motion Design
  • Brand Auditing and Development
  • Paid Marketing
  • Social Strategy and Execution

We deliver world-class content and strategies because we are close each client, close to their target audience and understand and devise the best communications for them.


Video at our core.

When you’re bringing new innovations or services to market or to increase engagement and sales it is essential to have fast-paced, savvy and comprehensive strategies and execution. BOXFX have spent the past 10 years evolving and executing the best practice at any given moment.

Having worked for some of the world’s largest technology and entertainment brands and supported by a business group of publications that have impressive international reach we’re not like normal agencies.

Video is the most critical and powerful platform for talking to any market. Whether you need to explain a complex new technology to real-world end-users, or excite the industry with exciting and  impactful commercials, video must be at the heart of your marketing.
Our Process

How We Work


Identify goals and objectives

This is an important first stage as it informs all our decisions and activities thereon in. Establishing your goals helps us create the road map to get there.

Understanding the brand

The team begins to understand the brand more deeply, their positioning statement, the brand ladder, what brand activation looks and feels like. An intimate understanding of the brand informs our creative approach and all problem solving, design and strategy.

Audience insight and segmentation

Spending time getting to know our target is important. Once we being to craft target segments, we can begin to find directional insights embedded in their demographic, psychographic or behavioural aspects. Our channel strategy and messaging must connect with the target.

Strategy and execution

Once we understand the audience and goals, we craft targeted messaging and creatives that talk to the target. Our in-house approach allows for a close relationship between strategy, messaging and creative, ensuring beautiful designs are produced.

Refinement and A/B Testing

Testing our approach is vital. The insights and data  immediately allow us to understand what resonates with audiences and allow us to refine and expand our messaging and creative strategy.

Insight, review and improvement

Effective ongoing strategies require constant analysis and thoughtful review to understand what’s working, what isn’t and how to communicate more effectively to our audience and better achieve our potentially evolving objectives.